About us

We are a traditional wooden boat building company located out of Ladysmith, Vancouver Island.

We design, build and finish all types of small crafts. Specializing in traditional dugout canoes singles, doubles, sixmans and journey canoes, Recreational canoes, paddle boards, strip canoes in all the same sizes. Plus can build from blueprints any design you may require. We can also take commercial vessels IE. Structural work, interior finishing, decking.

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. First of thank you so much for the time an effort you put in hard conditions to show your hand made arts to people who know your skill I’ve been knowing Mr beau for long time his the honest man ever I meet the job he does it’s a pure nice well made which is last for ever there is no question about the quality of his wood crafts price wise compare to other same products is unbeatable I’m glad you made your website for us to see your skill again

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