Arts collaborative

Cultural Activities for Youth and Elders

Afternoon at Beban Park Arts collaborative

Afternoon on Saysutshun Island inquires on

• Scavenger Hunts – Petroglyphs, Plants, Artifacts

• Story Telling – Dave Bodaly and Beau Wagner

• Observe Coast Salish Carver Beau Wagner at work – Carving models, Journey canoe, Racing canoe, etc. Hands on tours

• Observe Master Weaver Dave Bodaly at work – Weaving hats, Baskets, Bracelets, Bailer, etc. Storytelling tours

• Learn about and how to use traditional hook knives for carving

• Bracelet weaving two strands of cedar bark with Dave Spirit Wolf Bodaly workshops

• Carve model canoes with Beau Wagner (multiple afternoons) workshops

Please inquire about workshops

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