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Beau Wagner is a Coast Salish canoe carver and artist. He apprenticed under Stz’uminus Elder and Master Carver ShYa’QuThut (Elmer Sampson) and has been carving for over 30 years. Beau was born and raised in Nanaimo and lives there with his wife and children.
As a descendant of residential school survivors, Beau has faced many challenges caused by generational trauma. When he met his teacher, ShYa’QuThut, he found love, belonging, joy and kindness for the first time in his life. Through his apprenticeship, Beau was able to heal and focus on his gifts. ShYa’QuThut welcomed Beau as family, sharing his home and naming him a relative. Beau lived off the Land with him for five years learning sacred teachings while carving at Thuqmin (Shell Beach) until ShYa’QuThut’s passing.
Beau walks in two worlds. His art is an embodiment of his teachings, and the snawayalth shared with him daily by his teacher. Beau’s work is in relationship with the Land and with the human and non-human relatives he transforms through it. This sacred way of being is ingrained in his work and in how he lives every day. His connection to culture and his ability to create a safe space for others who are struggling is part of his ability to facilitate healing through art. Beau is an inspiration to many youth who he has taught over the years and he continues to offer his humble support to students of all ages through his artwork, mentorship and workshops.



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  1. Dear Beau
    Tracey referred me to you
    We are from the Montessori school at the Hub
    I know you must be extremely busy , but when you get a moment would you be willing to call me ?
    Kindly let me know
    Inayat Bergum 250 743 6654 home
    school 250 737 1119

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