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Beau Wagner is an artist and woodworker, and specializes in Coast Salish dugout canoes, masks, and bentwood boxes. Beau’s paternal grandmother was a residential school survivor, and the trauma and shame she endured caused her to fear her culture and conceal her Indigeneity from her family and children. Beau has been actively seeking reconnection, and knows that his roots lie in the interior Salish and Kwakiutl regions. Beau feels privileged to have had the opportunity to apprentice under prominent woodcarvers in the Stz’uminus territory, and is deeply passionate about bringing teachings to life through his art. Beau loves supporting others in learning about culture through facilitated workshops, and is the co-founder of Beau’s Boats, where he offers hands on learning in Indigenous arts.

The Tree of Life
William White Willie Pierre George Seymour Beau Wagner

Beau Wagner has been wood working and carving his entire career. Canoe carving is where he found his passion. Silva Bay Wooden Boat School Graduate, years of working in shipyards and a five year live in apprenticeship with Late master carver Elmer Sampson. Continuing mentoring with Snuneymuwx elders in Coast Salish traditions ceremonial rituals. Health and wellness, rituals to renew the spirit and let go of what does not belong. Beausboats is the place you want to get your personal Canoe carved or regalia made. Located in Nanaimo British Colombia. All carvings are locally resourced and harvested in a cultural way. Preserving traditions and gifting back to the land.

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