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Beau Wagner is an artist and woodworker who began carving as a young child. He lived for five years with a teacher from Sztuminus, who every day provided him with Snawayalth and knowledge of our connections to wood and the wilderness. This carving teacher, who cannot be named during the period of mourning, as is Salish custom, understood these relationships as sacred. He told Beau a story about their family travelling to Fraser River to fish and visit with relatives while there.  More importantly, in terms of his family history, he told Beau that he too was a relative Today, there are very few carvers who have been taken under a senior carver’s wings to receive daily teachings about life and our relationships to all living things.


Beaus’ fathers’ mother Marie Beaulieu was from Aggasiz. A residential school survivor, the trauma she lived through resulted in her concealing their tribal history from her children.


Beaus’ professional career saw him working as a cabinet maker, shipbuilder/shipwright and as a carver of cedar producing canoes, masks, rattles, canoe paddles etc. continuing the knowledge and experience left to him by his teacher. 


The Tree of Life


William White Willie Pierre George Seymour Beau Wagner


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  1. Dear Beau
    Tracey referred me to you
    We are from the Montessori school at the Hub
    I know you must be extremely busy , but when you get a moment would you be willing to call me ?
    Kindly let me know
    Inayat Bergum 250 743 6654 home
    school 250 737 1119

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