Arts collaborative

Cultural Activities for Youth and Elders

Afternoon at Beban Park Arts collaborative

Afternoon on Saysutshun Island inquires on

• Scavenger Hunts – Petroglyphs, Plants, Artifacts

• Story Telling – Dave Bodaly and Beau Wagner

• Observe Coast Salish Carver Beau Wagner at work – Carving models, Journey canoe, Racing canoe, etc. Hands on tours

• Observe Master Weaver Dave Bodaly at work – Weaving hats, Baskets, Bracelets, Bailer, etc. Storytelling tours

• Learn about and how to use traditional hook knives for carving

• Bracelet weaving two strands of cedar bark with Dave Spirit Wolf Bodaly workshops

• Carve model canoes with Beau Wagner (multiple afternoons) workshops

Please inquire about workshops

Baban Park

Very proud to announce that Dave Bodaly and I creating a cultural space. On the vix expedition grounds we are using the red barns to create Coast Salish regalia and carry on our traditions. We are planning on celebrating are teachings by ceremonies and rituals. We will be transforming an entire cedar tree into a Dugout Canoe, small Canoe bowls with the bark we will be creating cedar hats bracelets and other sacred regalia.