Canoe Healing Program

The Healing Canoe Project has been inspired by late Master Carver, Elmer Sampson. Elmer dedicated his life to canoe carving. He inspired the local youth to compete in traditional canoe racing by gifting his canoes and sharing his knowledge to the younger generation.

The Healing Canoe Project has two main goals. The first goal is aimed to teach the community and youth about our local Coast Salish traditions, by using historic tools, ancestral techniques, traditional protocols, and ceremonies.

Our second goal is to honor what my elders have given me by celebrating and promoting our canoe culture. I believe we can reconnect families back to the local waters.

In honor of Master Carver, Elmer Sampson, I wish to revisit the tradition of “canoe currency” by reawakening the traditional canoe culture and inspire the community to gift canoes to local families and youth at risk.

Water is life.