Cedar and Me

In this program we will go on forest walks and learn to interact with cedar. After starting the session with a song and a talk about what we’re about to learn, we will work on projects. We will walk the land and learn to slow down and listen to the super natural world around us. We will talk about medicines from our plant Relatives, how it provides food for all our animal Relatives, how it has all the materials needed to make clothing to protect us from the long winter rains and about how the forest surrounds and protects us. The teachings will talk about the health of the forest and emphasize how it is our job to take care of the forest for future generations. We will learn how to feed the forest and give back to it.

Donation to these programs helps provide art supplies, honorariums for elders, knowledge keepers and more.




Cedar Weaving

Mini Canoes

Paddle Plaques

Our cedar is responsibly and respectfully harvested from sustainable sources.