Land Based Teachings and Coast Salish Art

Beau Wagner will walk the land talking and sharing knowledge of plants, trees and animals. We are surrounded by living things to connect the supernatural world. It grounds and shifts perspective

Cedar tree

The importance of working with cedar. It is the tree of life. When working with cedar we are putting are good feelings and energy into it. The cedar absorbs those good thoughts and feelings.

Land based Teachings

Sharing stories and learning about our local and native plant relatives. Learning about the natural world that surrounds us. Edible plants and medicines that have been used for thousands of years.


Clappers are used for ceremony. They clear the air from anything bad. Removing what does not belong. When we work with the clappers we will be putting our love joy and happiness into them. Creating our own unique set.

Small Canoes

Small canoes are sacred they hold all those good feelings. As we personalize them, are thoughts and good feelings fill them up. They can be hung inside the house.

Plaque paddles

Plaque paddles are very important to symbolize we are all one. We can paddle through life alone. But when we all paddle together are are much stronger.

Miniature SpindleWhorl

Spindle Whorls are very powerful they where used for thousands of years. To weave clothing and blankets. We will revisit this with miniature spindle whorls that can be worn or displayed.


Walking the land and reconnecting to the supernatural world that surrounds us. We are connected to all living things we are one. The grounds we walk on. To the air we breathe the trees the plants and animals we are all relatives. From the tops of the mountains to the bottom of the sea.

Our cedar is responsibly and respectfully harvested from sustainable sources.